Willy, Mike and Jake

seem’s like you went away

unknown place’s- all we can say

it may have been a appt. u had to make,

some secret meeting with mikey and jake.

don’t you think,we all wonder why

you went to the unknown sky.

but here we hope and pray,

that all your pain, has gone away.

I sure will miss those last few visit’s,with you,

just riding around,talking about the wild old time’s,

those visit’s were real friends nothing but the truth.

so now rest easy my friend,peace be with you,

tell all that you see now that we think of them everyday..

there are many that loved you.myself,I will  think of you,mikey and jake sitting together,

remembering the past,same as we do. love you brother.


3 thoughts on “Willy, Mike and Jake

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