and today!!

ImageToday I started to wonder,is there a reason for us to follow a certian path or should we like some just dive in,take it as it come’s.? I think of this daily as I have lived and done more thing’s than the average person I would say.I will be telling some short storys of my life ehich may be enetertaining or some may even scare the normal person.Either way think about it? is it better for one too alway’s do the right thing,go to school. work your job,vacation two week’s a year, retire when u are old and that’s it.  Or be like I have done, just go mfor whatever happen’s. I am qualified at 15 different thing’s,have travelled many time’s across the us. been to 21 foreign country’s ,raised some great kid’s. Hopefully have time left to now figure out what I really want to do. Tell me, which way should man go?


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