New Home’s

Have any of you seen the home’s being built out of old shipping containers?? another thing i told my buddy ten year’s ago i could live in the one he had at nhis camp,now i see people are building them 2 and three deep,even stacking them up like domino’s!!just goes to show dont wait when you have a idea you think might work just go for it!!! i could have been a millionare by now with alittle starting capital.christ i have probally spent what i needed then to start on gas riding aROUND TRYING TO COME UP WITH MY NEXT IDEA!!! a half acre of land,building permit,2,000.00 for a used container,some old recycled lumber,door,and acouple window;s. a wood stove, composting toilet,water tank to catch rain water,small 600 watt solar panel,wood stove!@!!and life is great!!10,000$ you could be comfy,or at least could


One thought on “New Home’s

  1. peggy mckinney March 19, 2014 / 11:59 am

    good job duane…… about old baldy ….and added a comment…we all miss your grandpa and my dad a lot… great man and a hard worker….

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