War and Peace service member’s/War veterans

I jusy watched war letter’s on pbs.Hearing those letter’s and along with the picture’s made my Deep respect for war  time veteram’s so much stronger!! i was in the service,but i feel i served our country, but in no way am i a VETERAN!!  i can remember we were in the indian ocean sitting about 400 yards from beruit entry port.we spent about 142 day’s there while they had the hostages.Man the baddest we had it really was drinking powdered milk.Then when we really went to general quarter’s for real and not a drill,it was because while we were out at sea, 2 iranian fighter jet’s came at our ship inside of the ;NO FLY ZONE; I can remember everyone running too there battle station’s, acting tuff but we were scared ass hell. it was soon called off when they left the area.We all changed our underwear and went back to normal. But What if we never had the chance to go back to normal?

What if some of my old service buddy’s ,who i still talk too, did not come home??that is why i consider us proud to have served our country But the war time veteran is the one who served and gave, like they say some gave some ,some gave all. and my respect for a war veteran is the deepest in my soul.



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