as my close friend’s and family know,i lost my father the night before last.It was a phone call i knew would come one day but why that day? as we all know there is a greater force active,some think they know what that is,some just hope there is and some say no way!! Well i know there is i think i call it god,it?what kind of way is that to describe if i was sure to believe in him i would not say we call IT god.

i just hope and pray to that greater source that my father was accepted and now is in his home,sitting with all our past family and friend’s that have gone there before us.And i hope they are all working together building that large addition so i have my own room and bathroom when i come for my stay with them

so i look ahead now and wonder what it will be like? i alway’s had my father to call when thing’s were bad,when thing’s were really good and time’s when i did not have a clue!!He still answered the phone and if he did not have the answer i still alway’s felt more sure after talking to him. So now who do i call??911? 211?

I think mabey i will try and call where he live’s now more often and i will probally alway’s get my answer then!

thank you all for listening to my rant for the evening!! Duane


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