slow ride

listen,take it easy,slow down dont go to fast!!sleazy,slow riding women,slow ride.that’s the way we feel now.i shall go walk the dog again,seem;s that is alway’s my escape.are you supposed to just go and wander? is this a legal way in all our rule’s in the way we are to conduct our life?i am sad,in a haze of emmotion’s, not that i don;t have the correct one’s but what are the correct feeling’s when someone close passe’s?.i know my father had alway’s been the figure of strength,the helper along then way.the one you seemed to still get along with after you was mad as hell. Like a wizard upon a hill so high,standing tall like the heron on water so blue.wading across,flitting in the water so blue,alway’s a type  of smile,that did not ripple as he looked thru a me the tree’s even listened to what he said,so now as the breeze will come,i will listen todad alice mom amy the voice in the passage of time,the pattering of rain drop’s may be something important now as i pay attention he may speak,so i must listen!   to dad    Duane   2/2/1014


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