so what a matter??

I don’t know what to say to answer that question that was previously asked.My father has just passed away and i have gone thru the crying,screaming,punching  the wall’s and giving god now what?? i do not know what tommorow or even the next 5 minute’s may bring.Today and yesterday i have been in a state of mind i have never been,not hurting,not feeling sad,not knowing anything just being i guess is the way to put it.

i actually was driving down the road and all of a sudden had no clue where i was andf then after i figured that out ,why was i there??then i would remember being there before when my father was here.i guess now ,hopefully that will happen alot.what i am trying to say is,if someone ask’s you what is a matter,they actually don;t know or don’t have a clue what is like to lose your father.ame in!


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