Duane’s sausage pepper gravy for homemade toast or buttermilk biscuits

I try this at any eatery i find it on the menu and i would say out of roughly 75 only two would come close to comparing to mine.it is the simpilist thing to do but so hard to do right!!i learned 34 year’s ago when i was in the navy i met these people who came from the mountains in west virginia,wood stove and no electricity when i met them they were in there 30’s and that was first time they had a house with electricity and a bathroom!!!


ok first must have large 12 inch cast iron fry-pan!!

add one stick whole butter,melt slow need to clarify but not too hot!!

next about 3 cup’s of plain white flour,constantly stirring and meading with a fork.

you want to end up with a nice dry rouz’e,white gravy thickener.

now remove half set aside.put in 1 cup chicken broth.

add good teaspoon black cracked pepper half teaspoon salt.

add 6 cups whole milk,still low to med heat constantly stirring.

now after mixing well pour off into separate bowl for now.

you should have a good batch white gravy consistent but not thick.

take your cast iron pan and add 1 pound breakfast sauage from the cloth tube roll.

put in 4 pieces of fine diced bacon,cook sausage and bacon off,slowly dump

your gravy mixture back in,add 1/4 stick margarine and more of your rouz’e.

slowly heat back up constantly stirring on low,then just for a minute or so

bring to a rolling boil definatly moving from bottom of pan so you do not scorch!!!

now shut off take off heat  still stirring for 3-4 minutes.

check your seasoning,add pepper if needed  enjoy!!!better next day and if not thick to your liking reheat and add a little more thickener you will figure it out after a couple time’s,but what makes’ this so good is the time and love she put into it so she finally taught me!!must do in those steps to get the best sausage gravy around,

p.s if not thick enuff still you can add a couple egg white’s just the white only so you keep a nice white pepper sauce


One thought on “Duane’s sausage pepper gravy for homemade toast or buttermilk biscuits

  1. linda November 16, 2014 / 3:40 am

    you know biscuits and gravy are made best from wva don’t you ?

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