memorie’s on top of old baldy!!! true story 40 years ago!!

i remember the mountain grandpa,

oh how far we walked,

to contact u those awesome night’s.

mr,martin,bryan and the dog’s,o how we hiked,

to the beam of a flashlight,

a dog in front,a dog in back,

we had to make time to signal mr. slack!!

had to make the top on time,grandpa,

ten oclock,you would be by the middle doors,

three quarters,milking done.

now it’s time we all crunch together.

ten/ten it is time!!

three flash’s from our spotlight,down thru the valley.

2 mile’s by a crow’s flight,

we would watch so intent,

then it would happen!!!

off and on the barn lights would go!!

three time’s in a row.

goodnight grandpa,i will always have a flashing light for you!!



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