the power went out last night!!

oh no!! after getting the flashlight,i hooked up my power inverter to a battery i was charging in the house.hooked up a lamp and continued reading my book about fredricksburg and the i was so happy looking out and then took dog for a walk about 2 am, not a single light on anywhere!!!except my house.made me realize how happy i will be to get back out of this the inside of my camper van,to actually be alot more comfy and more storage space at same time. already have plenty of lights that run of a single car battery i just charge every few day’s and my power inverter is a large one 3500 watt,i can run my t.v /fan and computer at same time for up to 6 hour’s without restarting van for 15 minute’s.

this year is a change though with study and thing’s i have learned,i am investing in a solar power charger to keep my batteries topped off and possibly if the lady i talked too today can give me a good deal on a return panel i may invest in a 1500 watt panel for alot of my power.i realize now i am getting older and since my father just passed i realize the old wild duane has got to settle down in one place.people think it’s rough when you move 4 or 5 time’s in your life!!!i myself can tell you atleast 14 town’s i have lived in,4 states,andmore apartments than i can count,i used to hop around alot,of course that was the women that did that to so now i am either investing in a large camper i can winterize or i figured i can start with a 12×12 cabin,and add as i can afford it.i been figuring and i can frame,floor,roof,sheathing and insulation for about 1,200.00$ then no electric bill’s,woodheat,solar power the little i need and i can live that gypsy tramp cheap life i desire!!!alot of people doing it now in this economy.look online at the tiny house’s off grid people are building 200 square feet and comfy!!! and the home’s they are building out of 2,000.00 dollar storage container’s!! that what i am going for off-grid no more money to the man!!even tv digital is free with the right set up,of course no hbo and stuff but basic network’s thru a hi-def tv and antenna.yes!!! i can’t wait to be back free from this big rent for something i am more comfortable in my van,catching my dinner,picking fiddlehead’s and mushroom’s!!mabey a rabbit or two..4 chickens still they stop laying then the stew pot,a 3×6 garden will feed me all summer,please spring clear up van will be done and i will be free!!!!let me know if anybody reading this has idea’s or more expieriance. thank’s  Duane  Drano///a.k.a Boot’s//a.k.a mac


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