living the dream as i see it,it is rough sometime’s i don’t know if i could do it without my best friend,my dog, cota.i think it is april 15th a little earliar than last year but o well,more time for more adventure’s.last year i just kept a written journal,now i  have laptop hope some of you will follow me thru-out the summer month’ start out i am camping in a friends driveway since this was spur of moment to start this early.a little chilly plenty of blanketsly  and the little buddy propane heater is more than enuff. my 4000 watt power inverter i have upgraded from running on just van battery to,two heavy duty,high c watchnking amp marine deep cell far 3 night’s of lights and watching movie’s on computer no drain at all!!also a 1 amp solar battery charger to top t.hings off.i  planned my layout a head of time cabinet’s storage bed for me and bed for dog nbut now i see it is more trial and error than actual  goal  this  year is to stay at free or low cost state parks as needed,but mostly doing the re-connesacance type over nighting,look for a nice pond or river to catch supper with no keep  out or no over nite camping ect and stay free,leaving most of my monthly money to  travel,always have been planning on gold panning and this is the year finnaly!!! when and if i can get a good metal detector will be i said just starting the year a little early,looking for any help or comments to help would be appreciated!!  write soon and as often when i have wi fi service!!! 


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