stuffed mushrooms!cassenova style

first you can use your normal button mushrooms,stem out and carved open,but i like to go all out and use a large portabella can be a whole meal or slice like a pie!!

ingediants//half cup fine italian bread crumbs

two eggs

half very finely chopped onion

i stalk finely chopped celery

half fine chopped apple

half cup fine chopped mushroom of choice

6-8 medium size shrimp,boiled fine chop

since we are here i 10 inch,brook trout fried bones removed and chopped

1 tsp  old bay seasoning,,half teaspoon course black peppar,quarter cup chicken broth

now mix all together,adding more bread crumbs as needed for consistency.stuff caps  or spread over large with little squares of strong cheese of your liking and parmesion.

bake at375 for approx 15-20 minutes enjoy


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