eternity,spiritual paths and days to follow

when we were brought into this world,god promised good things.

i have had some of that,my son and daughter are the ones i bring.

there is a path your life must follow,

happiness and the sorrow.

i seemed to dwell on the sorrow for so long,

that it kept my loving heart from staying strong.

many years have passed since,this girl i once new,

time has changed and so have all of you.yesterday,my life changed,

for the better ,the path was arrangede.

reconnected to a old love,,

waS  like   signs from  above.nervous as  a scghoo;l boy,

we   arranged to  meet,nothing could have been so  sweet.

after30  years,when we met,nothing had changed.

ihope  and  pray for   anotheryesterdy,


becky we   are two,me and you

but  together we are one that  is sotrue!!!




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