loving oneself and another

seem’s now as i approach the tree’s.

the ground no longer trembles,but a gentle shake.

i can grasp a branch,and brace my knees

for even as i shake,my  life no longer  can  i wait

as i sit,with my mind so full,thinking,dwelling on my past,

with all my thought;s and  memory’s so   still,

i make  sure  to love with all my will.

know realizing  life   can  go   at a fleeting  glimpse

just a piece   of eternity in our  own   time,

something  no  matter how  hard  we  try,never to make  sense.

just  live our life all our day’s,

showing love thru-out,the time we share with  family and   friend’s,

there is no  rule in  the book’s  or god’s word,

saying how long or  hard we take  to love  one  another.

so  take your  time,with  your  life,

care,love,share,tell  all that   you care,

it is  how you will feel in your own belief’s, 

that  is how you will be remembered,the love   you willingly shared!!


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