time with unbinding love

this may not matter to some,

but i just talked to m,y past.

there is a love,that ,mattered to none,

she was my first,not my last,but  deep in my past.


the time came for me to be a man,which i tried to do,

then the courts said it was not you?

what was a man to do,

when i allready  gave my love to you.


so do not hasten to love me,or hate me,

it wAS broughtr on by another.

if not the truth,it was just the dream,

but my love has not faded,tho it may seem.


i will alwaysw bethere for you,

times  happy or blue.

i have given myself this  vow,t

to always shjare my  love,if you ask  me how.

now after 31 year’s the tear’s may flow,

wondering what we have missed being apart,

\but since the very  beginning,





for heaTHER   dad,duane,boots,drano ,mac, whatever you choose i am here


3 thoughts on “time with unbinding love

  1. heather September 9, 2014 / 12:05 am

    Very nice yea we have been through alot one day we maybe close again .

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