a new day,a new life.

seem’s as i sit here alone that any minute she will walk thru the door,

but i know that is just hope,things happening in my mind.

we both seem to have the understanding,there is more to life,

than just catering to each other’s whim.

even tho now i need her so bad,she has things ahead of me,

tho it makes me sad,i am happy she takes care of one’s she love,

soon we will have our trip,time together,time to analzye,hopefully,

nothing to have to apolijize,i think of her at this very moment,

the same as the minute before,and the way i will think,

the very minute i see her next at the door.

love can be strong or it can be a thing

i pray each nite that our honesty,makes it a lifetime fling!!

love you becky


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