as i sit here, i really want to look at my life and say what great friendships i have had,just a couple in last week or so i see they were not!!1i want what everyone wants,someone you can always count on,no matter whats going on,what time of nite and no matter the cost??

do you people ever think of this or is it just my insecurity. i used to ride with a m.c club who some people know but i do not mention in public
because it is no longer my place.but looking back i know that 99.9% off my brothers then would be here in a pinch if needed.out of the people i grew up with and friends now,that i would call too be out of jail or a meal thats down to 56% i love all my friends but too truly know a person as a friend may have too live on both sides with them..

i am going to put a few initials up
true brothers,then true friends
d.c//n.c/a/j a/ jr/be/mh/ life goes on and on and i love all that have been my friends but when i get messages like today from one makes me wonder why i am Duane the gypy biker from hell


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