Nature v.s The Human Race

a crow gently watches,ever so intent from the giant willow,

the small mole scurries so carefully thru the tall grass.

high on a cliff top,a smiling and surely fox overlooks the valley.

it is the food chain of life,the one thats keeps things in check,

but we as humans hardly care,to show that little respect.

but always one evil seem’s to be the intent.

look at nature all around you,simple,beuttiful almost solace.

unlike the place’s we see daily in the human race.

it will not end till god see’s to it,

watch the new’s read the paper shameful human disrespect to each other and animals.

so much could be good in this world,back to the days when,

cross the street at nite,borrow a cup of sugar?? a glass of milk.

even from a neighbor you never met,those time’s have passed,

do we know why?? global warming!!!straight up over population>>??

i dont think so,i have been around the world and it’s all awesome places here and there. it is the people who have seemed to know longer care!

but do not lay down and weep,your life is in way to deep.

show compassion to your fellow human,hold your brothers hand,

watch his back,because if one of us is removed from the deck,

of cards of life,remember each deck hold’s extra jokers,we will always be here for another!!!


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