thought’s of a dream

ADream,  is  still just a thought,one out in it’s place,

too  give  one  hope   or so  it may  seem.

Magic,is just that.a fleeting glimpse of  what could or should have been. 

thought’s? they are part’s  of our dream’s,usually the real one’s,

tho  oh  so magical they may seem.

There are angel’s in our mind’s and soul,

Alway’s,talking,tempting,sharing,problem is we never  really listen.

an angel will only give us the right feeling’s,

As demon;s will only bring sorrow in all thing’s.

Angel’s  seem too use our soul as  a resting place,

While working on the rest of our life,not letting it sit upon the shelf.

But too bring out the good in our soul,and teach us not  to keep it to ourself!

They say(DAY)dream’s  and (NIGHT) mare;s,

I Say it does not matter,awake  or asleep,

Because i can be ready for happiness,not full of hate.

By fighting evil bad thought’s thru my night,

I Can look forward too my reward,of seeing you,in your ever shining light!

this poem can be too your god,your guide,or for me a loved one i will keep fighting the evil to see my reward.


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