where do you think we are headed?

so  as i sit,thinking of  sonethin g  to write,all that is on  my mind   i s the the  people of the  world,who i thought,like many do now is none  of my concern.

but  that   is so far from the truth!they are   human’s!!   talibanwill live in history after 911,but even tho  my heart  is deep;y saddened at the unnesscary american  life,i have  just started  really noticing,no not noticing but  paying attention to more  of the  world affairs. ISIS  has to go!!what is obama doing?? nothing!!send in special forces and navy  seals  heavy and hard!!  everyday someone dies publically for    obamas   little side show and he must like it!! because we the usa!! should do whatever it takes to stop this brutality to all people,the  brag they have american weapons to  kill  americans!!!

what really  got me is one of  the many  beheading a 7   YEAR  OLD  GIRL!!!  never   to  grow up in  war or peace,she now has no choice  how she feels in the matter.we  have outlaw motorcycle clubs who i respect deeply now sending  members over  to fight isis!!!who is obama ordering in??it  will be like  the  movies    soon,mad  max,,ect mark  my  words..i  am  not  very religeous  but  even  a  dummy  can  find most  of  whats happening  now  in  the   bible,soon   the  world is to be under one currency to make it easiar,look at  the bit9coin  already inplay,a women will be in  power,then   in  7  years  the   world   we  know  will no longer  be,this is not  a say no to  hillary ad  but  please do!!the  eagle must stay in  power and  no shared  power.

take   these  threats   more  serious  ,deal with  them now,  on  there  grounds! not   here  where  it  will be soon if nothing  is done!!!if u think i  am right  say yes if u  think i  am wrong   say no


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