stuffed peppar diablo

8 large green bell peppars  two cups  cooked rice

1 lg jalepeno

1 rellano pepper

s and p

cumin teaspoon

cayenne  half teaspoon

tabasco ritx crackers parm and cheddar cheese crushed tomatos rice carrot,onion

cut top’s frpm peppars remove seed’s.mix  alll other ingrediants in bowl. first cook rice. shred carrot,rellano pepper,jalepenoi  add a cup parm cheese 1 cup ground beef,,1 cup diced bacon.8-10 ritz crakers.i 16 oz can crushed tomato’s..mix all ingredsants well,,stuff your peppars full!!bake in pan with a incxh or so of chicken broth aNd water,cover lightly with foil…  350 degree’s for 40 minutes,shut off oven,remove fil,add thick slice of cheddar cheese to each peppar leave till cheese melts   enjoy

oh yea dont forget your rice!!!


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