Child in my room

once when i was so very uong,
<i would lay awake way into the nite,
just staringso deep into tghe moonslite.
wondering when,i could fly,so very high,in to the sky.

And the dream's would enter my mind,take over my room,
just like a new child,escaping from the womb,
And now my life pass's,like slowly entering a tomb.

Life it seem's,to just pass right on by,
like the day's being pouredthru a funnel,
alway's it seem's tho,a bright lite is waiting at the end of the tunnel.

the day's come and the night's go,
We just alway's try to miss and avoid
those strong,pulling feeling's,of feeling trappede.
Clinging on to our life,staying strong,waiting to escape.

so now i know there is one,to save my soul,
from all this evilness,
can't it be as i was a CHILD IN MY ROOM.


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