big shout out to nice people and good friends!!

lastr nigte i got upo and it was 9 degrees out,so in my camper out of heat it wasb 7 ddegrees.i can re,ember back in the older days i put friends up in aptatments that were having a hard time.when i was in navy i moved people out of leb and enfield,paid for everything to give them a break. and then when moved bavck here helped them get into apts. i could go on and on but nobodys lefty from 30 years ago!!
that is why i am ggetting out of here the way i see it i should never have to spend a cold nite again,i realize good friends who would have helped,but christ i have not spent many holidays with my own family,i cook for others!! where did all those old people go,too goodf now too say hello,need ba hand?

i am one tgoo share too my lasdt dime and gthats always bdeen a problem,no more you love me i love you back like good friends know whar this means l&r foreverDuane


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