i have  beeb  planning this  move for  three  years,somthingalwayscomkes  up financial,,familydisagreement6s,rigsnot6 readyect.noew i9knowihave friends  intapearefriends inboyton bheath  area    a few  ib fort wort area,sowhattoido,aqgreatfamilyfrommyhistory   wants me4  in wv!!!thats  whati wanr5first..ihavetor5eavalue3mynlifeafteralmost55years,,inknow ihalpedeveryonei  can,gave trucks,,bikes,,,houses,,andrenteaptforpe4oplewheniwas inservice..nowi need help financialkbacking,,lessonsoflifeect.iamf4,beeninn24foriencountrys nserved mtycountrynnand done tingsonlyafew canknow

ineedachange,lmentallybeforee 55isnotapooption,pleasecontactme!!!!! wisdomandgcreatyivityis whatiwant..loveuall


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