For My Rotty COTA//Shade;s Of Gray

Silent Time,She Fade’s Away’
The Dog I Have Loved,
Bad Health,Stealing her away.

She Will Be Among,The Star’s,
Flying with My Other Angel’s.
Floating On A Pillow Cloud.
Comfortable For All To Feel.

The Tree’s May Sway,The Wind May Blow.
But My Love,For her Heart,Will Never Go Away.

Soon She Will Rise, Upon The Sky.
Smoothly Sailing,In Shade’s Of Gray.
Her Comfort And Love,She Will Leave Me,
For All That Loved Her,She Will Keep Safe,
In A Watchful,Loving Way!

she is still here tonight,but i can’t try and keep her the way she is,just for me,her body is shutting down by the has been a honor to be her master for the last wonderful 13 year’s!!! [LACOTA}


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