Duane’s Meat Mixture//multi – use

This mix is work’s vary well with a couple different finish’s and plate setting’s.Just Follow the Direction’s and Put Your own spin to it!!!The mix is to be used for Meat Ball’s,Meatloaf and Stuffed Peppar’s.

1)1/2 lb hamburger,,1/2 lb fine chopped pork and 1/4 lb of fine chopped sweet italian sausage. (you can change one if unliked)

2) four slice’s of white bread,cover with mix of milk and 1 egg yolk mixed well.

3)1/4 tsp salt//1/2 tsp. peppar//1 tsp. basil//1 tsp crushed garliic//1 tsp. rind of orange//1/8 cup ketchup

4)  1 cup  favorite ale((guiness?)  1 cup chicken stock   12-16 peppercorn’s  1-3  bay leave’s 1 tb ketchup

simmer your liquid mixture,bring to slow boil,shut off will incoraperate all flavor’s.

For Meat Loaf add these to your mixture above  a large celery stock,1 med. carrot,a small onion,1 small apple all chopped fine.                           5) When all meat is mixed well add your bread mix(not liquid just bread) then add all spice’s mix well.

6) For MEATOAF just form into a buttered loaf pan,layer with bacon on top.add  a little of your liquid mix,cover bake at 350 covered for appx. 25 minute’s. uncover add a little more liquid mix to wet well. bake uncoved at 300 for 1/2 hour.check!!!

7)MEATBALL’S just your meat mix  and spice’s,take a lg saute pan melt whole butter to brown meatballs well,do NOT BURN!  after browning all well,add to a baking pan,add your wet mix,space well!!,cover bake at 350 for about 35 minute’s remove liquid top with sprinkle of romano and serve with you noodle’s and sauce!!

8)STUFFED PEPPAR’S  all same except you should mix into all ingrediant’s 2 cup’s cooked rice and NO bacon! space well in deeper baking dish,add about 1 and a half inch’s  of wet mix,cover bake at 400 for 30 minute’s,uncover for even cooking ect. add liquid a little over top of peppar’s continue baking slow at 325 for 20 minute’s check again if all is well,remove liquid sprinkle well with parm-romano cheese put back in oven 5 minute’s shut of oven ,crack door tale take out upon serving with rice or italian noodle’s and sauce !!                                    have fun!!



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