Quote’s for the Day

Kids!   A youngster and his mom were grocery shopping,as they passed the beer cooler,The youngster got excited and screamed out!!{Daddy!!   Juice!).  Lol.                                                                                                  A child. Was asked to Explain The moral. Of the story After. Watching  Cinderella.  His very serious response,that is easy! Do not forget your shoes when you leave the house!                                                         Everyone wants to change the world,,but maybe they should start by changing themselves?                                                        Boredom mayby the highest Mental State.                                                                                                     Extreme Boredom may help Distract You From Plain Old Boredom!


Respect? Where did it go

I wonder what has happened,first and foremost all respect and we’ll wishes to the fr ench people! Isis must be removed!   But to get along with my thought,s. Respect for other’s,Respect for Authority and most of all respect for our elder’s. That has seemed to be gone from sight? It seem’s that I think it maybe a generational thing.When I was a youngster you were taught to respect mostly your elder’s! Some time’s you had to learn the hard way!!  A little butt kicking did not hurt for long!lol.                                                   Then as. Entered the military service,I was taught to respect our superiors,others with more time at sea,veteran’s ofwar service and again your elder,’s!  Then another chapter in my Wilder year’s in a motorcycle club,the same you were taught to respect your brothers in the club,Tuffer guy’s,guys with more years in mostly though elder’s!  If not again maybe a butt kicking was in order! But I learned in all these aspect’s of life.

Nothing actually make’s me feel better than going out of my way to help a elderly lady carry a bag,help a elderly gentleman bring in hs firewood. Or. Just saying thank’s to a older veteran!!

My point is WHAT. HAPPENED?      Now I see younger kids picking on disabled people,,older people cause they hold  them up in line a extra minute!Hurrying to another door so they would not have to hold the one there at for someone out of respect. I actually sometimes use mycane,and as I was walking down the sidewalk this winter ii had to step in deep snow off the walkway because thegrop of teenagers kept coming at me!!no excuse me,sorry just walk on thru! When I was a kid if a older person saw that they would chew you out and maybe kick your butt,and if you told your parent,’s they would say oh well!! You deserved it! Now you can not hardly even holler at your own child for fear of jail!  Say nothing about actual punishment.   I understand there is actual child abuse out there,but parents need to show repercussions to there children when they do not follow the rules.one problem I see is the internet,games t.c and the fact now a days both parents as working and barely spend any time nurturing.   Something must change!! BUT. I FEAR. It will not.

WE MUST. DO WHAT. We can inour own family’s.  Please!


just want to say hello to all.have not accomplished much here lately and I feel like I am letting someone. And myself down!! It is hard writing on this little tablet so I will use that for my excuse.lol. and with the new’s as of late it is hard for us to stay positive,but we must.not being overly relgous I do pray for all!!hope you are well.I promise to attach anew poem by tomorrow!