cloud’s floating,

caressing the sky,with passion.

cloud’s,no direction,

only god’s perfection.

softly resting in the sky,

for all eye’s to rest upon,

like a angels pillow,thru god’s eye’

during our journey thru our life,

the cloud is more than god’s pillow,

it is more than we realize,

the comfort a smooth cloud bring’s.

it is then we understand why,

he left the cloud’s,in our possession,

for it is our first glimpse of heaven!!       Duane McKinney 2015



mankind,human exsistance,
revel in foregivness,
our only sin.
comparing other’s,to yourself,
make’s you feel no differance.

you are happy,so you say,
they,depressed all the way.
with your car’s,and fancy cloth’s,
just a habit?,no real differance,
than another who steal’s

for we are,as one,
soon all will see.
that to lie,cheat or steal,
from any,exspecially,freind,brother or sister
by any was is pure,BLASTPHEMY!

Life as We May No It//not really,it just came out!~!

sky’s  are  blue,

sometime’s that is enuff.

but when thye skie’s are black,

our feeling’s become just that!.

and then a warm wind,may blow,

so gently,against our back.

then the chill move’s move’s in,

and hit’s you like a heart attack!!

the weather become’s the forecast,for our very life

if you cannot live with-in the change’s,

they may cut you badly,like a well edged knife~!.

so stay in the sunny day’s,

in the awesome,warm heat of the,loving sun’s ray’s,

oh so warm and loving against your skin,

as gentle and close as your,loving kin.
D. McKinnet 2015

For My Rotty COTA//Shade;s Of Gray

Silent Time,She Fade’s Away’
The Dog I Have Loved,
Bad Health,Stealing her away.

She Will Be Among,The Star’s,
Flying with My Other Angel’s.
Floating On A Pillow Cloud.
Comfortable For All To Feel.

The Tree’s May Sway,The Wind May Blow.
But My Love,For her Heart,Will Never Go Away.

Soon She Will Rise, Upon The Sky.
Smoothly Sailing,In Shade’s Of Gray.
Her Comfort And Love,She Will Leave Me,
For All That Loved Her,She Will Keep Safe,
In A Watchful,Loving Way!

she is still here tonight,but i can’t try and keep her the way she is,just for me,her body is shutting down by the has been a honor to be her master for the last wonderful 13 year’s!!! [LACOTA}

dad and i,the last night

twas the night everything was alright,
then came the call,i knew before
the answer,that life was to be,so different,after that call.

never really said goodbye,just
figured you would alway’s be.
standing,reaching out,
to alway’s pull me up!!



Child in my room

once when i was so very uong,
<i would lay awake way into the nite,
just staringso deep into tghe moonslite.
wondering when,i could fly,so very high,in to the sky.

And the dream's would enter my mind,take over my room,
just like a new child,escaping from the womb,
And now my life pass's,like slowly entering a tomb.

Life it seem's,to just pass right on by,
like the day's being pouredthru a funnel,
alway's it seem's tho,a bright lite is waiting at the end of the tunnel.

the day's come and the night's go,
We just alway's try to miss and avoid
those strong,pulling feeling's,of feeling trappede.
Clinging on to our life,staying strong,waiting to escape.

so now i know there is one,to save my soul,
from all this evilness,
can't it be as i was a CHILD IN MY ROOM.

thought’s of a dream

ADream,  is  still just a thought,one out in it’s place,

too  give  one  hope   or so  it may  seem.

Magic,is just that.a fleeting glimpse of  what could or should have been. 

thought’s? they are part’s  of our dream’s,usually the real one’s,

tho  oh  so magical they may seem.

There are angel’s in our mind’s and soul,

Alway’s,talking,tempting,sharing,problem is we never  really listen.

an angel will only give us the right feeling’s,

As demon;s will only bring sorrow in all thing’s.

Angel’s  seem too use our soul as  a resting place,

While working on the rest of our life,not letting it sit upon the shelf.

But too bring out the good in our soul,and teach us not  to keep it to ourself!

They say(DAY)dream’s  and (NIGHT) mare;s,

I Say it does not matter,awake  or asleep,

Because i can be ready for happiness,not full of hate.

By fighting evil bad thought’s thru my night,

I Can look forward too my reward,of seeing you,in your ever shining light!

this poem can be too your god,your guide,or for me a loved one i will keep fighting the evil to see my reward.

Nature v.s The Human Race

a crow gently watches,ever so intent from the giant willow,

the small mole scurries so carefully thru the tall grass.

high on a cliff top,a smiling and surely fox overlooks the valley.

it is the food chain of life,the one thats keeps things in check,

but we as humans hardly care,to show that little respect.

but always one evil seem’s to be the intent.

look at nature all around you,simple,beuttiful almost solace.

unlike the place’s we see daily in the human race.

it will not end till god see’s to it,

watch the new’s read the paper shameful human disrespect to each other and animals.

so much could be good in this world,back to the days when,

cross the street at nite,borrow a cup of sugar?? a glass of milk.

even from a neighbor you never met,those time’s have passed,

do we know why?? global warming!!!straight up over population>>??

i dont think so,i have been around the world and it’s all awesome places here and there. it is the people who have seemed to know longer care!

but do not lay down and weep,your life is in way to deep.

show compassion to your fellow human,hold your brothers hand,

watch his back,because if one of us is removed from the deck,

of cards of life,remember each deck hold’s extra jokers,we will always be here for another!!!

life,love and happiness

i am sitting here,waiting for a glimpse of my loves sunshine too strike me as i sit.

its such a long lonely day when you know love is just out of reach.

but no matter what it takes,of what i have to learn or teach,

happiness will be the thing we look for in our day’s.

i have never been perfect,and neither has she,

but upon this earth we will become,the one,the only,

loves light on a shady night!

a bikers trail

once when i was young.

i found someting oh so strong.

many time’s i have tried to campare,

but there is not anything no where.

you see when there is biker blood,

shared ,with only truth.

it is a special thing,that sme may share.

i was lucky,my life many times has gone to shit,

i havw accomplished alot,certified arborist,accomplished chef,poet and songwriter.

had buetifful children and family i love more than life itself,

but there is something i share with a few who know who they are,that cant be replaced,

only blood on blood,we are one and till death do us part.

love and respect to the ones i send this u know who you are!!!